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IACTA Pharmaceuticals was established to develop and commercialize innovative eyecare products. We’re dedicated to treating diseases, advancing technology and improving patient outcomes.

Our lead investigational product, NM133, is a nano-enabled form of cyclosporine A which is being developed for the treatment of dry eye. Using licensed proprietary Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) from the research stage company Nanomerics, Ltd., this unique nanotechnology allows a hydrophobic drug to be encapsulated and delivered to the tissues of the eye with favorable tissue permeation.

We are developing this innovative drug as a new treatment option for patients with dry eye.

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Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) allows topical ocular delivery of hydrophobic drugs, including cyclosporine, without the use of surfactants and oils.

The Meaning behind 'IACTA' was launched on January 10, 2017, the anniversary of Julius Caesar's historic decision.

On January 10, 49 BC, Julius Caesar decided to lead his army into Northern Italy by crossing the Rubicon river. As he crossed the river, it was said "Alea iacta est" ("The die is cast").