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IACTA Pharmaceuticals Licenses IC133 from Nanomerics for Treatment of Dry Eye

IC133 Incorporates Nanomerics’ Proprietary Molecular Envelope Technology

January 10, 2017 07:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- IACTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held pharmaceutical company, has acquired the North American rights to develop and commercialize IC133, an investigational medicine designed to help treat dry eye, from its developer, Nanomerics, Ltd.

Nanomerics is a privately held, UK-based, research-stage company with a proprietary Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) licensed from University College London that allows a hydrophobic drug such as cyclosporine to be encapsulated and delivered to the tissues of the eye.

Damon Burrows, Founder and CEO of IACTA Pharmaceuticals, said, “We are enthusiastic about partnering with Nanomerics and are grateful that they have placed their trust in us as their North American licensee. We strongly believe in the promise of MET technology for the treatment of a range of conditions including dry eye.”

Professor Andreas Schatzlein, CEO of Nanomerics, said, “Nanomerics believes IACTA is the ideal North American licensee for IC133. The need for better medicines remains undiminished and drugs need to be used to their full potential to deliver patient benefit. Nanomerics’ Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) is engineered at the nanoscale to efficiently deliver drugs for a variety of applications. IC133 is a product in which many of the MET attributes are being exploited to bring tangible benefits to those suffering from dry eye disease.”

About MET
Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) nanoparticles are engineered from biocompatible polymers. MET particles are engineered by creating amphiphilic polymers which can self-assemble into micelles. Hydrophobic drugs can be encapsulated into these micelles with high efficacy and are accommodated in the hydrophobic nanodomains. The MET nanoparticles are stable and small (~50 nm). Molecular dynamics simulations demonstrate that the material is encapsulated in a very dynamic fashion, which facilitates drug release across barriers.

About IC133
IC133 is a nano enabled form of cyclosporine A that is being investigated for the treatment of dry eye. Cyclosporine A is an immunosuppressant that helps tear secretion and improve tear film stability which improves the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome patients. (Mantelli F, Massaro-Giordano M, Macchi I, Lambiase A, Bonini S. The cellular mechanisms of dry eye: from pathogenesis to treatment. J Cell Physiol. 2013; 228(12): 2253-6.) However, regardless of cyclosporine A’s benefits, it is an extremely hydrophobic drug. Hydrophobic means it “hates water” and simply does not mix with water. For that reason, ophthalmic formulations of cyclosporine typically rely on an oil-in-water emulsion for drug delivery into the tissues of the eye. IC133 offers a completely new approach to the delivery of cyclosporine A. Using the patent-protected MET, IC133 effectively wraps and solubilizes cyclosporine A in a protective cover, helping it across the epithelial barriers of the eye.

About IACTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
IACTA Pharmaceuticals, located in Newport Beach, California, is a privately held company focused on bringing the latest technology to the healthcare industry and eyecare specifically. For more information, visit

About Nanomerics Ltd.
Nanomerics is a speciality pharmaceutical company focused on the development of pharmaceutical products with enhanced bioavailability. The company uses proprietary pharmaceutical nanotechnology and know-how developed by the founding scientists Professor Ijeoma F. Uchegbu and Professor Andreas G. Schätzlein at the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow and, latterly at the UCL School of Pharmacy. The company’s MET technology delivers a step change in target tissue availability of drugs and biological APIs such as peptides across a number of epithelial barriers. Nanomerics exploits its know-how and technology to develop its product pipeline of New Therapeutic Entities (NTEs) and NCEs.

Forward-Looking Statements
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“We are enthusiastic about partnering with Nanomerics and are grateful that they have placed their trust in us as their North American licensee. We strongly believe in the promise of MET technology for the treatment of a range of conditions including dry eye.”