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Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant that helps increase tear secretion and improve tear film stability which improves the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome patients.1 However, regardless of cyclosporine A’s benefits, it’s an extremely hydrophobic drug. Hydrophobic means the substance cannot mix with water. For that reason, ophthalmic formulations of cyclosporine typically rely on an oil-in-water emulsion for drug delivery into the tissues of the eye.

NM133 offers a completely new approach to the delivery of cyclosporine A. Using the patent protected MET, NM133 effectively wraps and solubilizes cyclosporine A in a protective cover, helping it across the epithelial barriers of the eye.

Reference: 1. Mantelli F, Massaro-Giordano M, Macchi I, Lambiase A, Bonini S. The cellular mechanisms of dry eye: from pathogenesis to treatment. J Cell Physiol. 2013; 228(12): 2253-6.

Key Features of our product

Molecular Envelope Technology (MET)

MET nanoparticles are engineered from biocompatible polymers which increase bio-availability of hydrophobic drugs across biological barriers such as the Cornea. This technology allows drugs to be encapsulated and protected while facilitating drug release across certain biological barriers.

MET allows topical ocular delivery of an insoluble drug without the use of surfactants and oils.

We believe that NM133 has the potential to change the way we treat Chronic Dry Eye.

Michael Adam

Chief Development Officer

steps to success and milestones

acquire technology

We acquired the rights to develop and commercialize our core product, NM133, from Nanomerics, Ltd.

Begin Clinical trials

The properties of the MET polymer have been sufficiently characterized for a safety and tolerability clinical study.

NM133's product profile and specifications provided to the FDA are sufficient to support early clinical trials.

Invest in our Future

We are currently exploring partnerships and development opportunities that would support the development and commercialization of NM133.

Currently pursuing

Completed in 2016

on the horizon

The IACTA team

Cultivating IACTA's vision with leadership, experience, and insight


Damon Burrows

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Damon is an experienced Pharmaceutical Executive with 20 years experience working in the Life Sciences/Healthcare Industries. He has experience in large and small pharmaceutical companies and has successfully navigated numerous drug development programs through the FDA regulatory approval process and commercial launch. He has extensive Public Policy experience and has worked with numerous Federal and State Agencies on the Regulatory challenges of commercialization.

Michael Adam

SVP / Chief Development Officer

Michael has 25 years of extensive experience in drug development ranging from candidate selection through registration and product enhancements. He has worked on project teams and portfolio review committees in anti-infective, ophthalmology, oncology, central nervous system, and cardiovascular/endocrine metabolism therapeutic areas.

As a skilled leader, Michael has headed CMC, manufacturing, development operations, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance. He has led operations, held full P&L responsibility, and aligned strategy in both small biotech and large-scale pharmaceutical organizations.

Scientific Advisors

Professor Andreas Schatzlein, Dr med vet

Chief Executive Officer - Nanomerics, Ltd.

Andreas holds a Chair in Translational Therapeutics at University College London and has a track record in medicines development in industry and academia. As part of Munich start-up IDEA, he was involved in the commercialization of drug delivery technology initially developed during his PhD/DVM. He then returned to academia to become leader of the Cancer Research UK’s ‘Experimental Therapeutics and Gene Medicines’ Group and Director of the Analytical Services Unit at the Beatson Laboratories, Glasgow, where he was involved in the early clinical development of a number of novel anti-cancer therapies. His research, supported by grant income of over £10 m, and has been repeatedly featured in the media.

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu, BPharm, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer - Nanomerics, Ltd.

Ijeoma obtained her PhD from the School of Pharmacy, University of London. She continued on to a lectureship in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Strathclyde, and eventually was appointed to a Chair in Drug Delivery at the same university. At the University of Strathclyde, Ijeoma worked on the self-assembly of polymers creating new polymers capable of forming high stability nanosystems and functional nanomedicines.  An appointment to a chair in Pharmaceutical Nanoscience at the School of Pharmacy, University of London followed, just prior to the launch of Nanomerics. Ijeoma has received a number of awards, notably the UK’s Women of Outstanding Achievement Award (2007) in Science Engineering and Technology awarded by the former Department and Trade and Industry’s (now Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) United Kingdom Resource Centre.

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