MET offers enhanced tissue penetration of effective drug ingredients that were once a challenge to formulate

MET is a unique nanotechnology, developed by Nanomerics, Ltd., that allows a hydrophobic drug to be encapsulated and delivered directly to targeted tissues without the use of surfactants and oils. MET can enhance the delivery of effective insoluble drugs at higher concentrations to relevant tissues without systemic exposure.

How it works

A novel way to deliver effective treatments

IACTA is bringing this cutting-edge technology to the eye care industry

With patent licensing from Nanomerics, Ltd., we are combining MET with effective ocular treatments to enhance the drug delivery of eye care products.

  • Oil free: MET does not require the use of oils and surfactants which can irritate the eye

  • High drug loading capacity: The MET nanoparticles can be loaded with high efficacy of the active drug for maximize product delivery to ocular tissues

  • Sustained drug release properties: MET formulations allow for effective dosing regimen

  • Ocular bio adhesive properties: MET allows topical ocular delivery of an insoluble drug across biological barriers, such as the cornea, without systemic exposure

IACTA’s application of


IACTA is applying this technology with a novel mechanism of action to develop drugs that treat diseases in areas of significant unmet medical need.

IC 333

for the treatment of dry eye

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