IACTA is transforming novel technologies into products that can make a difference

We are developing a variety of ophthalmic medicines with novel mechanism of actions to tackle indications like non-opioid pain management, ocular inflammation, and ocular dryness. We are revolutionizing the eye care industry with products that are efficacious and tolerable for maximum patient adherence, giving patients and healthcare providers choices to manage different eye care conditions.

IACTA currently has six products in development for major market opportunities. Our lead product, IC 265, is ready to enter a Phase 2 clinical study with data outcomes expected in 2022.

Our innovative products

We are developing new ophthalmic drugs to treat diseases where a significant unmet need exists. We’re applying our state-of-the-art R&D to our products to treat various ocular indications.

IC 265

For dry eye disease

An innovative syk kinase inhibitor for dry eye disease

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IC 800

For post-surgical applications

A novel dual enkephalinase inhibitor (DENKI) for post-surgical applications

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Other products

in development

IC 270

for allergic conjunctivitis

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IC 702

for bacterial conjunctivitis

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IC 805

for chronic pain relating to ocular post-surgical pain management

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