Blocking the inflammatory cascade from within

SYK is a protein kinase that relays immune receptor signaling within a cell. It transmits signals from a variety of cell surface receptors and sends signals throughout a cell in order to trigger an immune response if needed.

SYK is the critical starting point in the activation of the inflammatory/immune cascade. Inhibition of the SYK can cause a broad anti-inflammatory effect.

How it works

The SYK signaling pathway is a key activator of multiple inflammatory and immune cell types

Controlling the critical starting point in the immune cascade

IACTA is putting this technology into action

IACTA is using SYK inhabitation to block multiple kinase signaling pathways downstream that cause inflammation and irritation in the eye. Very potent and selective SYK tyrosine kinase inhibitors have the potential to act as a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory agent.

  • High specificity of a pharmacological agent allows lower drug concentration/dose for a desired effect

  • Inhibition of SYK blocks multiple kinase signaling pathways downstream that may contribute to inflammation and irritation

IACTA’s application of

SYK Kinase Inhibitors

IACTA is applying this technology with a novel mechanism of action to develop drugs that treat diseases in areas of significant unmet medical need.

IC 265

for the treatment of dry eye

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IC 270

for allergic conjunctivitis

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