Utilizing the body’s natural pain management system

Dual ENKephalinase Inhibitors (DENKIs), inhibit the two enkephalin-degrading enzymes in order to enhance the body’s natural pain management system.

This means DENKI can provide an alternative, non-addictive, safe, and effective treatment option for pain management.

How it works

A novel, non-opioid, ocular pain compound

IACTA is utilizing the benefits of DENKI in ocular applications

DENKI can enhance the power of enkephalins, a key element of the body’s natural pain modulation system, by protecting them from degradation and allowing them to locally increase in concentration. Corneal tissues contain all the elements of the enkephalinergic system which allows DENKI to maximize their effect. This means more relief with less side effects.

IACTA will lead the clinical and commercial development of the world’s first non-opioid drug harnessing endogenous analgesia for the treatment of chronic and acute ocular pain. Analgesic effects were demonstrated in all of our ocular pain and dry eye disease animal models tests.

Based on research and development efforts, DENKI has the potential to be positioned as an ocular analgesia that can also protect the corneal epithelium.

  • First non-opioid drug harnessing endogenous analgesia for chronic and acute ocular pain

  • Potential for less adverse effects than conventional treatments

  • Potential to protect the corneal epithelium

  • Analgesic effects for ocular pain were demonstrated in animal models testing

IACTA’s expertise in the development of ocular drugs will reveal the full potential of DENKI-based treatments to protect and extend the life of enkephalins expressed locally on the eye surface and work to bring the first dedicated ocular pain treatments to the market and to many suffering patients who currently have no treatment for their pain besides NSAIDs or opiates.


CEO of Pharmaleads

DENKI has the potential to transform the treatment of ocular pain, advance patient care, and become one of the most significant scientific innovations for the eye care industry.


Former Associate Vice President of Marketing, Allergan, Inc.

IACTA’s application of


IACTA is applying this technology with a novel mechanism of action to develop drugs that treat diseases in areas of significant unmet medical need.

IC 800

for acute pain relating to ocular neuropathic pain and dry eye

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IC 805

for chronic pain relating to ocular post-surgical pain management

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DENKIs development