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IACTA is dedicated to finding promising technologies that can help advance the eye care industry

Research & Development (R&D) efforts in large pharmaceutical companies has been significantly reduced in order to accommodate late stage mergers and acquisitions. This has created opportunity for IACTA to fill the gap in R&D, allowing us to create robust product pipelines and bring more innovative treatments to patients across the world.

A core problem in the eye care industry is not only the ability to develop a promising drug, but the inability to deliver those drugs to the necessary ocular tissue in effective doses. Drug delivery technologies that have advanced in other fields of medicine have failed to fully penetrate ophthalmology pharmaceutical products…. Until now. New technologies, including nano-encapsulation, are providing a breakthrough in the ability to deliver drugs to the eye.

Through various licensing agreements, we have access to these ground-breaking technologies that we will use to enhance optical treatments.

Our cutting-edge technology

We are providing a breakthrough in the ability to deliver drugs to the eye with our innovative technologies.


Dual ENKephalinase Inhibitors

Dual ENKephalinase Inhibitors targets the body’s natural pain system to provide relief without potential abuse issues and opiate side-effects

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SYK Kinase Inhibitor

SYK kinase inhibitors block the inflammatory cascade within cells to preventing

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We are transforming our R&D efforts

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